About Hope

New York / New Jersey Tri-State Hope for Ethiopia, Inc. (H4E) was established by a group of concerned Ethiopian-Americans who reside in the Tri-State Regions of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, in March 2021. Its major goal is to strive for and support a promotion of a democratic process in Ethiopia, within a context of advancing its security, territorial integrity and sovereignty. 

  • H4E is a nonprofit organization composed of Ethiopian-Americans, Americans of Ethiopian origin and Friends of Ethiopia residing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut states.
  • It Interconnects the Ethiopian diaspora with Ethiopians back home.
  • It mobilizes and Organizes resources towards alleviating poverty, fights against human rights violations and rallies against mis-information campaigns, by promoting the essence of unity in diversity in Ethiopia.

We work Together

H4E is a New York-based Tristate area organization that collaborates with all other non-profit organizations such as Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), NY Tristate Wegen Le Wegen, American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC)



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We Are A Strong Team

We are working through ordinary people in extraordinary ways: mobilizing the community to help the poor, children orphans, and extending compassion to the lost and lonely. As well as standing for the unity and sovereignty of the country.

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